Box and machine wiring



Attention to detail, care of parts and spaces, orderly layout of components and wiring: the production department of Falloppi works as such and the boxes produced are proof of this. They are the pride of the company.

We produce boxes for every type of industrial and process automation and we create them ad hoc, sewn to client and application needs. Meetings, analysis, reasoning, choices, definitions and design are concentrated thanks to the expert hands of our wiring staff.


Reliability, rapidity and flexibility are precisely due to this, a totally internal production with highly prepared and competent staff who have gained years of experience.

The preparation and installation of wires, keypads and cabling on the machine are equally important: the same attention and care is given to their installation by our staff who work with utmost professionalism, even on external client sites.

In over forty years of business, we have truly counted a lot of boxes. Whether big or small, they are not just a number for us, they are checked, arranged and followed with passion, like an artist with a work of art.

The speed and rapidity with which technology, forecasts and market demand evolve is a daily challenge, however we won’t be caught off guard. During the wiring phase, close and constant collaboration with the client allows us to implement updates or changes even during the work which combine to create a constantly innovative and performing product.

For Falloppi, a quality result is important and the choice of high level brands is proof of this.

  • Siemens
  • Schneider electric
  • Allen Bradley
  • Bosh Rexrot
  • Mitsubishi
  • Parker SSD
  • Toshiba
  • B&R
  • Asem
  • Ewon
  • Rittal

Maximum flexibility and adaptability to our clients’ needs.

The wiring of the boxes and machines is not exclusively linked to supplying a complete 360° package of design, software, testing and commissioning: part of our production concerns the specific supply of boxes and/or connections on the machine with or without design.