Standardised steps with preset methodologies and operating procedures are the rule implemented by Falloppi technicians during application testing.

Disconnection of all the utilities inside the box and the more delicate devices on the machine, visual and preventive inspection of the wiring and partial and sequential power supply are just some of the preliminary test sequences implemented to avoid pointless risks.

Testing of industrial electric boxes at our headquarters before dispatch or functionality testing of machines or systems on our external client sites take place in a complete, efficient and safe manner .

Some software component tests, such as the PLC machine and HMI operating interfaces take place in advance in our technical offices using simulation software that allows, even in the absence of hardware, to test most of the functions requested and developed. The definitive tests on our machine or system are thereby performed as rapidly and easily as possible.

Falloppi technicians complete inspection by carrying out tests using certified tools in line with legislation in force, drafting a report to accompany the technical file of the supply.


The in-depth knowledge of machine functions and production processes sets Falloppi technicians on the frontline also in terms of end users who find them to be professional and competent figures capable of promptly responding to their requirements and needs. In many cases, this competence means it is our technicians who explain and train end users on the operating modes of the machine through personalised training.